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The Life and Times of the Infamous Mario Botticelli

I am Mario Botticelli; I am of no relation to the painter. I have been sitting here in my apartment in Bethnal Green, East London (Great Britain) since 9 am and as you have no way knowing when ‘now’ is I will tell you (I am aware that you have little understanding of the passage of time from 292 words, 297 if you include those, 302 if you include these etc) that the time at this precise moment is 11:50 pm.

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Paper and Ink # 4 - Abbie Foxton

Terence Corless held me. The Life And Times Of The Infamous Mario Botticelli, a skewiff air floats as he talks about his life, feelings and love. A glimpse in a round about way of what shapes us, what we are supposed to ‘like’ fed by media, his life static beyond a twilight zone.

Paper and Ink # 4 - Steve Nash, Sabotage Reviews

Personal highlights include Mark Safranko’s engaging melancholic tale ‘The Rainbow Connection’ and Terence Corless’ sparkling piece, ‘The Life and Times of the Infamous Mario Botticelli'.